Greenhouse Design/Build Services

Careful planning and execution are the cornerstones of success for any project (new construction, retrofit, relocation, etc).  At L.L. KLINK, we pride ourselves on partnering with our customers to develop a comprehensive plan focused on achieving outcomes. Once we have “planned our work”, we take complete responsibility for “working the plan” to completion and delivering your desired outcomes.

Recent Design/Build Projects:

NC-1 Petitti Avon NC-2 Petitti Avon NC-3 Petitti Avon NC-4 Petitti Avon   NC-07 CynMar NC-Baisch 1 NC-Baisch 2 NC-Lee Road 1 NC-Lee Road 2 NC-Lee Road 3  NC-Old Trail 1 NC-Old Trail 2 NC-Old Trail 3 NC-Old Trail 4 NC-Old Trail 5OSU Wooster Campus.CFAES,Williams Hall Greenhouses,OARDCNC-6 Lakewood HS

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